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What color area rug with light hardwood floors?

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Whether you have recently had your floors refinished or possibly installed to replace your dated carpet, you now have beautiful light-colored hardwood flooring throughout your home. You have taken the time to spruce up your hardwood floors and now they look like new. As you step back to see how your furniture and decor work together, you sense that something is missing. What is needed is an area rug in certain spots to bring a connection to everything. The big question is what color area rug with light hardwood floors would be best. The answer is, it depends on the situation, but for the most part, darker, warmer colors work best.

In most everyday scenarios, dark and warm-colored area rugs work best with light-colored hardwood floors. These colors tend to contrast with the floor and are the most popular. Even so, something can be said for using light and brighter colored rugs on your hardwood. Light colors help bring out the natural color and texture of your wood. Below I will explain the differences in using these when deciding what color area rug with light hardwood floors would work for your living environment.

Dark and Warm Colored Area Rugs

The rule of thumb for light hardwood floors, when it comes to choosing an area rug, is to pick fall-like colors. These tend to be reds, browns, dark greens, and variations of these colors. Imagine yourself walking through the woods on a crisp Autumn day and you look down at the natural covering on the ground. The colors that you see that have fallen from the trees, mixed with the color of the ground create the right palette of colors to use when choosing your dark area rug.

Using the color of the furniture in the room is also important when determining what tones to use with an area rug. If you have very dark furniture in the room that has light-colored hardwood, you may want to focus on the darker colors, such are brown, burgundy, and forest green. These colors will complement your furniture while contrasting with your floors, providing a cozy look. If, on the other hand, your furniture is not as dark, then colors like red, burnt orange and dark blue would help tie the room together.

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Light and Bright Colored Area Rugs

In some cases, a lighter, brighter colored area rug will work better with your light-colored hardwood floors. If you are looking to bring out the natural color of your flooring, a light-colored area rug work best. Colors like yellow, light green, light brown, and mauve can work wonders if you are trying to pull out the colors and textures of the hardwood. I like to think about a basket of Easter eggs when coming up with the correct palette of colors for this purpose.

In a room with minimal furniture and light-colored hardwood, having a large area rug in a light blue or green shade has the effect of transforming the space into something grandeur. A room like this can showcase pieces of art, antiques, or other items that you want to highlight. In contrast to a warm, relaxed feel, this setup projects class and sophistication.

Making Your Choice

Now that you have a sense of what to look for in an area rug, it is time to make your decision. I strongly recommend that you ‘test’ your choice before committing to the purchase. Returning an area rug can be a hassle based on its size and weight.

If you are shopping in the store, bring an extra piece of the hardwood with you. This will allow you to place the wood against the rug and you can better visualize what the rug might look like in your home. If you are not able to locate a spare piece of the flooring, taking an up-close picture with your phone works just as well. Another option is to go to the hardwood flooring section of the store and find a sample piece of hardwood that most closely resembles your flooring. These are typically available to customers free of charge.

If you are shopping for your area rug online, many online retailers have programs to help you visualize what your room would look like with a particular rug. You may need to enter a few pieces of information, including the size of the room, the color of flooring, and the amount of furniture you have in the room. From there the program will create scenarios to help you see what the rugs look like before purchasing.

So, what Color Area Rug Is Best For Light Hardwood Floors?

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. If you are looking for a warm, inviting, and cozy feel, then darker colors are your best bet. If you are looking for elegance, class, and a showcase feel, then light coloring will accomplish this for you. Whatever you decide, your room will look great.

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